Inside Fakeeh Pediatrics

The pediatrics area of Dr.Soliman Fakeeh hospital in Jeddah is now open after months of renovation.

It’s much wider and the waiting area is more convenient and comfortable for kids and parents waiting. The lounge is filled with big comfortable leather couches.

Pediatrics and pharmacy waiting area

The information area looks brighter and modern now compared to its atmosphere before.


Numbering system everywhere

Before, just like in other hospitals, patient’s names were called.  Now, the number and the clinic or window number for pharmacy appears. Patients just have to be very attentive while waiting.

Airport feels on this one. 🙂

Number and clinic number
Information and lobby
Triage and waiting area

There’s a playroom in the waiting area but is not finished yet. It is covered with glass so it is easy to monitor kids while waiting. As of now, it is still filled with couches but hopefully, soon, they’ll have that filled with…slides? Tables? Hmm…How about kiddie tables and shelves with building blocks, tubs of clay, coloring materials? That would be better than slides. =) At least, kids would be sitting  down most of the time. =)

Pediatrics hallway
Clinic waiting area

This is the second waiting area where the patients wait for the doctor to finally see them.

Founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1978 by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh, the Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH) has been a true leader in the field, whose pioneering spirit and visionary resolve has – for over three decades – advanced by leaps the standards of healthcare delivery in the Kingdom and in the region. -DSFH website

Visit Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital’s website and book an appointment online: DSFH website

Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital’s location:

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9 thoughts on “Inside Fakeeh Pediatrics

  1. Wow! Ang ganda ng hospital! Ang linis. lol! Sorry, I’ve never been sa mga mamahaling hospital dito sa PH so ang maikukumpara ko lang sa kanya ay mga napuntahan kong hospitals na di masyadong kagandahan. lol. Talagang airport feels on this one!

  2. I like their hospital! It looks clean and comfortable, I think pang mayaman lang yata to at mahal siguro dito. When I was pregnant nako pila-pila sa clinic mainit tapos 2-3 hrs ka mag wait tapos ang check up mu wala pang 10 mins hahah! kakaloka. Sa ganito ka organize ang mga hospital dito pinas or di kaya clinic ma public man o private. (wish ko lang) 🙂

    1. Oo nga e. Waiting is okay if the waiting area is comfortable. I’ve also experienced that. Haha mas mahaba pa ang waiting kaysa sa actual check-up. I used to bring materials to watch or to read to help me wait. Lalo na sa buntis mahirap mainit na naghihintay. 🙂

  3. It reminds me of Asian Hospital and St Luke’s. For years we’ve been going to primary hospitals and less known clinics, but our HMO allowed us to be cared for in the above hospital facilities. Nakaka-addict haha. Ayaw ko na maulit sa ibang health facility.

  4. I am impressed sa interiors ng hospital. Parang ang sarap maconfine. ehehe. But seriously, we deserve a nice hospital especially for our kids. Aside from the look, we also look into the staff, the services and the technology used.

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