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I still have a week left before my vacation ends…  This post has been in the drafts folder for  quite a long time now, but not as long as the other posts, though. Just too plain busy to blog. (really) Anyway, I’m now in Jeddah. I’ve gotten used to some things, activities, people, and foods  in the Philippines that I will surely miss them when I go back to and I already miss them.

October 2015 Favorites and Other Things I Miss

1. Sisig. In Tarlac, sisig is everywhere. Some of my friends have it at least once a week, because most of the restaurants or food establishments offer this dish. =) Now, that I’m in Jeddah, all I can do is wish for it. =) Of course, I can make one, but the main ingredient is not here. =)

Sisig. Almost every eatery/ restaurant in Tarlac offers sisig! =)

2. Rice crackers. This is a childhood favorite (of a different brand, which I can’t remember). I rarely see this around. I will really miss this. =/

Rice snack. I love the sweet and salty taste of rice crackers/snacks.

3. Taho. I buy this almost every day whenever I’m in the Philippines. If only I could bring this in Saudi! Check out Taho and Tofu health benefits here.


4. Nature. I really miss the sight of everything green. There are trees in Jeddah, but the rest of the environment is just all colored brown. That is, brown sand…and  light brown buildings. Not too many colorful flowers around like this one below.IMG_0637 5. Street foods. I don’t know why the feeling of eating fish balls, ice cream, banana cue, barbeque and other street foods is just really sometimes better when bought on streets than cooked at home.  Of course they are all better cooked at home due to sanitary reasons…but you know, eating it out? You know what I mean. =) IMG_3442 IMG_3444 6. Sidecar/ Pedicab (Bike). I really miss riding a bike. I ride a bike with my kids or my niece and  their friends every morning and in the afternoon. If the kids want to go out around lunch, or  even in the evening, they just go to the bike and ask me to give them a tour around the block (or more blocks…like two barangays! ) It’s also our time to discuss things, and remind them of good behavior, etc. Riding a bike is something I just can’t do in Jeddah. -unending sighs-

Jacob (the one wearing a Jacket) and Miguel (the youngest boy) with their niece (holding Miguel) and playmates.

7. Mcdo’s chicken & rice. In Jeddah, Mcdo doesn’t offer rice and chicken as part of their menu. I’ll I just really miss this value meal. =) Mcdo Jeddah, please have rice and chicken on your menu. =) wpid-img_20151031_182329_12.jpg.jpeg 8. Teleseryes. In the Philippines, I feel I have all the time to watch teleseryes and koreanovelas. =) I’ve observed that people are just so into watching soap operas in the Philippines.  My favorite: On The Wings of Love and Legendary Women (Just watched the finale days before our flight back. Thank God it ended because I won’t be able to watch it in Jeddah. I also watch Eat Bulaga‘s Kalyeserye, of course. Fan mode? Minsan lang . =) I have time to watch because I don’t have too many tasks to do, well, aside from taking care of the kids. wpid-img_20151031_204314.jpg 9.Friends. Though I had more than 30 days in the Philippines, I still was not able to get in touch with all the people I planned to meet and catch up with. Thank God for FB! That is all I can say in the end. Life is just way too different now that I/we have our own families and that my friends have work/family/commitments. =) It’s a lesson well learned. I should make the most of every opportunity I have with the people I meet.

Friends for more than 10 years and counting. Got this from Mico

IMG_3338 10.Sound/Noise of people around. I miss the noise. I know that we all want to live in peaceful, picture-perfect places, but not me. Well, not totally. Of course, I have those times when I wish it was quiet so I could do something, but I honestly like it when I hear the different sounds produced by the cars passing by, people sharing stories, kids playing in the afternoon, etc. That’s LIFE in a glance. Stay here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a week and you’ll know what I mean. =)  It can be really too quiet here. You don’t even know what’s happening outside. 11. Burgers & Sizzlers.  This is a simple restaurant in Tarlac that serves unlimited gravy, =) I usually walk around the city plaza after with a friend or my husband after a meal here. I will surely miss their Pork Tenders! =)

P-rk Tenders
P-rk Tenders

12. SM Tarlac. Sometimes, I just go there to stroll alone. I also got here to watch a movie with my husband. I will miss watching movies in a cinema. In Jeddah, there are no cinemas available. The nearest one is around 1-2 hrs away (KAUST). =) SM Tarlac 13. Great Taste White. There are just too many kinds of coffee to choose from in the Philippines. The TV commercials worked well on me, because I wanted to try all of them…well, I did try some. =) This one’s the best for me because I like a creamy coffee. This is not a sponsored post.  I just really love it. I regret not bringing packs of it, thinking I’ll find something close to it here. =)

Great Taste White

These are just some of the things I miss. It’s honestly not just the things I do or the food I eat. I guess, it’s the Philippines, and the people there that I’ve shared those things with that I actually miss. =) 

19 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. The Philippines sure is hard to leave, right? I remember feeling the same way when I was sent to London for a work-related trip. I stayed there for just three months, but I remember feeling so homesick there. Nothing really compares to home!

  2. sometimes the simplest things mean the most to us. When I was abroad I missed buko juice, kikiam , and the hustle and bustle of Baguio’s city market.

  3. I could feel how much you miss all the things you wrote here. I love One One rice cakes too. I don;t know much about Jeddah, but I have always believed that there’s definitely no place called home.

  4. Awww, these are just some of the things we take for granted because we’re here and we have easy access to them. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ll just have to come back again soon. 🙂

  5. i didnt leave the country, but as soon as i read your post about missing taho, i craved for taho, remembering strawberry taho in Baguio. You cant really replace Home.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as you… how can I bring taho here in the UAE haha!
    Hubby likes it so perhaps some other nationalities will like it too.
    Just arrived 2days ago from Manila so will post some blog once I get my other things to do 🙂
    Just want to say Hi to you!

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