How to Be Prosperous & Successful


Maybe you’ve tried different ways to be successful and they’ve not ended up so well. How about trying God’s ways of success?

  1. Speak of Him.
    The more we read God’s word, the more we know of him and what he can do. Every day has its own ups and downs, but whatever it is, God has a perfect word for every situation.

    Let God’s words resound in our hearts and in our mouths.
  2. Set a time for Him.
    To meditate, to focus, to put all our concentration on it. We just have to close out our ears to all the busy things and the negative things the world gives and hear from the voice of truth. Set a time before the day starts to prepare us and at night to be thankful for the day that was. To evaluate where we can improve as well.

  3. Do it carefully for Him.
    When we know our parents are looking at us, we tend to act differently. We tend to do our best knowing that they are watching our every move. God wants us to follow what’s written NOT because HE WILL benefit from it, but because WE WILL. We will be prosperous and successful. His promises have some conditions sometimes, and receiving them can only happen upon doing the commands.
    It’s about time to try God’s way of success. To know God as you read is already a success. =)
    I like this verse from Isaiah 48:17. Those who are business minded will love this verse. =)

    I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to PROFIT, who LEADS you in the way you should go.

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