Holidays in Corniche

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Last week was Hajj holiday here in Saudi Arabia. Most people have one week off or some just have 3 days. This is the season when people here in Jeddah usually go to the beach or have an out of town vacation. My family mostly stayed at home and just went out on some days to go to the sea.

This is what you’ll see on a typical weekend or any day actually, when you go to Corniche, Jeddah. Since it was a holiday, there were more people coming around 5PM onwards. So if you want a less crowded environment, better go to the seaside from 2PM-4PM to find a spot.

Picnic. Families often place carpets or any blanket on the grass to sit on. Some bring seats or small pillows especially for the elderly.

hajj holiday jeddah
red carpet
hajj holiday jeddah
Blanket. Well, some stay in the sidewalks if the place is crowded. =)

Bikes & cars. Cars, bikes and scooters are also brought for kids to play with while staying here in the seaside.

green bike
yellow car

Grills. Some bring grilling or cooking utensils. Most of the time, I just see teapots, kettles, and bbq grills. The family beside us were preparing dinner, it was my first time to see a group to bring this. =) The ladies were preparing the food, the men were cooking. It was unusual, but a great thing to look at.

Cooking? Why not? =)

Toys for sale. There are also vendors selling toys, bottles of water, and some chips along the seaside. Most of the toys cost 5 SAR-20 SAR.( Around $ 1.33- $ 5.33  )

Toys for sale.

We were able to buy kites for 5 SAR. Read my kite-flying post here.

kite 2
Kite for 5 SAR
corniche panorama
I’m not good at panoramic shots, but this is how the place looks like with few people around.
Red Sea. It’s not really red. =)
Villas and resorts on the other side.

If you stay near the fountain area, you can have this view in the evening while lying on your carpet. =) King Fah’ds fountain.

Jeddah fountain. Tallest fountain of its kind in the world.

Located in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the King Fahd’s Fountain is famous for being the highest fountain in the world, throwing water up to 1023-ft (312m) –that’s taller than the Eiffel Tower if you exclude the antenna. It uses 3 massive pumps that can deliver 625 litres of water per second at an amazing speed of 233 mph (375 km/h). Traveling to Jeddah, don’t forget to pay it a visit, it’s incredible.-10 Most Breathtaking Fountains in the World

*Most of the photos are from afar because taking photos of people’s faces, especially ladies in public places here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is forbidden.

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3 thoughts on “Holidays in Corniche

  1. How I wish we had the chance to relax in the Corniche while we were there however short it is so at least I can say I have experience it but alas, hubby too busy and the climate too warm whenever we are in Jeddah.

  2. Thanks for this lovely sharing, was about to ask why the people photos all from afar, then read about it at the end of your sharing. Learnt about a different culture then. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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