H&M Mini Beauty Gear

I love cute and portable items. For a mom who needs to put many kiddie items in her bag, an additional load of  products can take up too much space. So when I got this from a dear friend, I just couldn’t help but share it to those who might love adorable goodies. =)

H&M’s mini beauty gear

This key chain includes a mini mascara, eyeliner, and a highlighter. I’d love to have a lipstick in that kit to complete this friendly key chain. =)

I remember buying another cute pack from H&M before.

H&M’s lipstick set.


Do you know where to spot some mini make-ups? Any shops located near you that sells unique items like these? Would be glad to hear them. =)

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5 thoughts on “H&M Mini Beauty Gear

  1. Sleek lipsticks come in small tubes. Plus, they’re very pigmented and affordable. You can get them at Whites Pharmacy (Haifa Mall, Al Salam Mall or beside Jarir Bookstore along Sari st.)

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