There was no electricity in our area last Thursday, which rarely happens here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The power usually comes back after 15 minutes, but I decided to just take the kids outside our building because it can be really dark and hot inside the house. Plus, I wanted to do some afternoon snaps from my phone.

While they were playing, I saw a motorcycle parked in between the buildings. It looked so vintage in its silver and white details. I saw it as a good subject to practice shooting so I walked towards it and took some shots.

Close up shots and just parts. I was thinking of capturing the details until I realized it was a Harley.

Harley-Davidson is an icon when it comes to motorcycles. You say Harley and images of huge men in leather jackets with chains, sunglasses, and boots appear. 

The loud noise I hear whenever these big bikes pass beside our car always leaves that impression of boldness to trail the city.

Come to think of it, that is what one of Harley-Davidson owners have in common. Most riders, regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity are all freedom-loving, adventure-seeking individuals who show independence, authenticity and the passion for being on the open road, regardless of who will look.

While taking photos, I realized that you can be big and beautiful at the same time. I mean, I know it, but at that point, Harley was the perfect example of how to make a statement. To be yourself, to be free out there, not really be mindful of what others will think once you pass the road.

This one is a bit dusty, but it still caught my attention.

It looks so vintage. In a world of trends, you can remain classic and still be noticed.

I have never appreciated big bikes. Just now. Just this one. Maybe this is the start. I’ve seen beyond how it sounds like.

In Jeddah, there is a group of Harley riders roaming around the city. Probably part of their group activity as riders so they can mingle with others who are of the same interest.

Do you love motorcycles? What do you think of this Harley?

You can check out Harley-Davidson® Jeddah for more info or if you are interested in buying one.

If you are looking for a gift you can give to Harley lovers, I found some items on Amazon.

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9 thoughts on “Harley

  1. That motorcycle plus your filter is a perfect combo to get the vintage feel! Sometimes, it’s good to have power outages, napapaexplore tayo ng ibang bagay na gagawin. Basta wag lang sobrang dalas at baka marami ang ma beast mode. lol.

  2. I love Harleys! I mean, I can’t ride motorcyles but I am always fascinated with big bikes. There’s a group of Harley riders here in Manila and whenever they pass, you’ll get to see different models of Harleys.

  3. Big bikes seems to provide that cool and powerful image. I am not fond of motorcycles and so the first thing that comes to mind is Harley… Quinn! Hahaha. Sorry 😝

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