Hainan Chinese Cafe & Restaurant, Jeddah

There are some fancy or fine dining restaurants where I’ve ended up saying or ‘sighing’ that it’s just the ambience that I’ve paid for. Hainan is not one of those places. At the end of my meal there, I would go home saying that the money was all worth the ambience, the food, and the stay. Here are some of the reasons why you should try Hainan:

The tropical ambience. Hainan does not just  provide customers with a very relaxing mood, but also puts into consideration the possible rise up of temperature  that Jeddah constantly has.  Bamboos with holes are installed in the hut’s ceilings, where the cool air enters in order to circulate inside the huts while still experiencing slight wind and a good view of the man-made lake inside Shalal theme park where Hainan is located. Pretty cool idea.

All out service. They make their customers feel special. From the parking lot, a golf cart will pick customers up and get them to the restaurant. Another asset Hainan has is that most of the chefs in their glass-covered kitchen were Chinese, which may be another reason why their food is just better than other Chinese restaurants in town. Their service crew is also very accommodating from the start until the end.

Flavorful Food. The food never fails to satisfy any Chinese food craving. Hainan’s best seller is the Peking Duck. A bit pricey, but worth a try. Beyond this Peking duck is what I love the most, the Peking duck bones with meat which were deep fried. Be sure to request for this one. It comes with the Peking Duck dish, but sometimes customers must request for it.

The noodles and vegetable dishes are just so great. The flavors are just so different from the Chinese  fast foods in the malls. The flavors are different, they’re not just another oyster sauce dish. I find the beef dishes also tasty and tender.

*If you enter through Hainan’s gate, you can go to Al-Shalal theme park after eating. According to the waiter, if customers of Hainan go on Sundays, there’s a free entrance to Shalal plus 15 % discount for rides and the restaurants inside Shalal.

Golf cart that picks and drops customers from and to the parking lot.


Looks like floating huts. Just so Asian.


Beef dish


Beef noodles


Best seller: Peking Duck


This is a bread wrap which may be used with the peking duck strips. That is, if you don’t want the duck with rice.


Chopseuy (Vegetable dish)


Very flavorful Kang Kong


The bones that come with the Peking duck dish. I love this better than the Peking duck itself.

Hainan is located inside Al Shallal Theme Park. Near the Fakieh Aquarium in Corniche.

Visit Hainan’s website for more info. (including the map): http://hainan-restaurant.com

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    1. It looks better when you’re there. My photos don’t do so much justice here. =) Anyway, I hope you can visit and experience Hainan’s great cuisine and service. =)

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