I've just had a sumptuous lunch. Grilled spare ribs and mussels. I made my own sauce: worcestershire, soy sauce, ketchup, italian spice, oil, salt & pepper. It's my first time to try grilling ribs & mussels as well as using that kind of sauce, but I'm happy that everything turned out very well with good feedbacks from those who ate them. 🙂 They said it's close to the one the restaurants make. :p not bad. 🙂

Maybe I just miss my country so much that I eat everything that reminds me of it. 🙂 My mom used to buy mussels from the wet market near our house in Parañaque. She'll just saute it in ginger then add a little water and some seasonings. That's it! The mussels bring out the taste of the sea. Haha

I guess that's why when I saw mussels in the supermarket, I immediately grabbed one small box thinking of doing the same recipe.

Mussels here are bigger and fleshier than those in the Philippines. Tastier too! Unfortunately, there are no fresh mussels here. These are boxed and frozen ones exported from neighboring countries. Well, frozen or not, they just bring back the same homeland memories. 🙂

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