Gift Wrapper vs. Paper/plastic bags

It was my first time to personally do the all gift wrappings last December. I used to assist my mom but now that I have my own family, it’s a challenge to wrap the gifts by myself. I am not good at it so I needed to find a way to avoid wrapping gifts. 
The Burden of Using Gift Wrappers (for me)
Unlike my mom who loves wrapping gifts, I simply feel that wrapping takes most of my time. The process is longer, well that’s for me who can’t even cut glossy wrappers properly. Cutting the gift wrapper, wrapping, cutting the extra parts, taping then writing the name/ or posting the card on the gift. That’s really time consuming for me. Second, I use 1/4 of the wrapper to wrap one small gift, and sometimes even half to wrap a medium one. That’s for gifts with regular shapes but for the irregular ones? I don’t even know to start wrapping them. =) 
In IKEA, there’s a section where you can get IKEA wrappers for free but they’re thin so sometimes, it’s useless to use it as a gift wrapper. 
The Joy of Using Paper Bags =)
Put the gift inside, seal with a tape then write the recipient’s name. Done! Now, that’s way easier than using a  gift wrapper! I also find it presentable to use paper bags. When I bought items from Body Shop, I asked the  salesman if he could give me paper bags because I’ll give the items as gifts to my friends and he gladly gave me around 20-25 bags! =) Most stores give freely if you say the items are gifts.
Marks & Spencers also gave us around 3 big and 20 small plastic bags. I just tied a metallic green ribbon to its handle to make it prettier. 

IKEA’s big  plastic bags are best for family gifts. I put all the gifts for the mom/dad and kids in this bag then again placed a ribbon in its handle.

 I find Mothercare’s paper bag cute. I didn’t use it because I didn’t buy anything from there but I might use this in the future in case I’ll give a gift to a pregnant woman, new mom or a baby.

My friend used Bath & Body Works‘ paper bags which I really find cute and simple.
There are more paper bags to choose from some are branded some are not. If you love wrapping gifts, go for it. If you’re a busy person and wants to save time preparing gifts, then using paper/plastic bags may just be the answer to your problem.

2 thoughts on “Gift Wrapper vs. Paper/plastic bags

  1. I like the bath and body works + the body shop bags. But I don’t have any little ones like that so I just get a bunch of lovely scarves and wrap the present in that 😀 I make it look pretty and all I have to do is tie a few knots + the person receiving may not like the present, but at least she’ll like the scarves! :b If it’s a guy, I’ll wrap it in a bunch of my brother’s old T-shirts and it looks great and colourful 😀 And when my baby sister was born, a relative wrapped the present in a baby blanket which was really nice 🙂

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