From Crumbs to Cake

“I know and I feel that I can do this.” (First week of March 2017)

That was during our first Wilton Cake Decoration Class. Before the class started, I browsed Pinterest just so I could picture out the cake I’m planning to achieve. Talk about self-motivation. 😂

My cake inspiration.

So, during our second meeting in the class, I made this epic fail cake. Nobody ate it. 😂 Fail, because I got the wrong consistency of the icing. It was too thin to frost a cake. Yikes. 😥

First cake in Wilton Cake Decorating class. Epic fail.

For our final class, my work somehow progressed. Thanks to the flowers. Yey!

Ain’t that bad compared to theprevious one. =)

Then when our course was done I made a cake from scratch at home. Just to practice what I’ve learned. 🙂

Got some macarons from Bakemate, Jeddah.

I found a pack of whipped cream and used that to add some borders.

My white chocolate did not melt very well. I just added some of the whipped cream I found to thin it out.

Chocolate cake topped with macarons
Chocolate cake with white chocolate

I’m slowly getting things right. I think? Haha

April 2017

It was supposed to be a gift for a friend. I didn’t like the result. I did not bring it to her birthday party. 😊

Should have brought the cake instead. She didn’t have a cake during her party.

April 21, 2017

This was my first paid cake. Imagine that. Someone trusted me to bake a cake. haha A friend ordered. I gave her a discount for trusting me. Haha 😂

Chocolate cake with Ferrero Rocher toppings

Flash forward, August 2017. 5 months from my first Wilton Cake Decorating Class, I’ve made some improvements. Well, here goes the photos. Enjoy!

Cake: Chocolate , Frosting: Whipped cream, Topping: Malteesers, chocolate chip
Cake: Chocolate,, Frosting: Mocha buttercream
Cake: Chocolate, Frosting: Buttercream cheese, Fondant
Cake: Chocolate, Frosting: Whipped cream Topping: chocolate sprinkles
Cake: Chocolate, Frosting: rainbow whipped cream


Pillow/ Cushion Fondant cake
Batman themed cake and cupcakes

Sans Rival

Used Russian pipes for the flowers for this cake
Frozen themed cake
My second son requested for a PacMan cake for his birthday.
Paw Patrol/ Marshall
I dared a two tier cake. It did not fall. Thank you. =0
Pink and white swirls

It has been a year and I’ve practiced and have been on a weekly, monthly practice. Is the course worth it? Yeah, I believe so. It was a good investment. I was able to bake and decorate my kids’ birthday cakes, I’ve had orders here and there. If you are looking for something new to learn or enhance your decorating skills, you may want to try the course. =)

If you’re interested in taking Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1, you can check out my post about Wilton Cake Decorating Course. Then go to Cake Arts Jeddah Facebook page to ask for available slots or go directly to their shop in Quiraish street. Opposite Thamer International School, just near McDonald’s.

To register, go to Cake Arts shop, fill out the registration form then pay the course fee.

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