Friday Finds #2: Photos, Baking Videos, and Tutorials

Two weeks ago, I posted a list of my Recent Finds: Worksheets, Websites, and Weddings  which I’ve found useful lately. Here’s another list, which I might do more often, as it works well for me rather than individually posting them which would eat too much of my “little” remaining blogging time. Anyway, here they are! Enjoy! =)


Sometimes (or most of the time, if you are also a blogger), I need a good quality photo for my posts or projects. The internet offers some great ones but—with watermarks.  I believe you will love UNSPLASH as much as I do. You can get FREE HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS! Again…for FREE! High Res photos. =))) Easy to download. You don’t even need to sign up. Case closed. Just go to the site. =)

2.  Mentoring Moments for Mothers

I came across a post from this site about being a mom and how to love the season of mothering kids because they soon will grow up and you will just miss the laughter, the mess, the crazy life in the house, etc. I just can’t find the post, but here’s the link to Mentoring Moments where you can see more articles about motherhood, singleness, family life, and practical living.

3. Nerdy Nummies by Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy Nummies is a baking tutorial that my kids love. Rosanna Pansino, a  geeky gal combined her love for baking and gaming. She is really funny and the video quality is awesome. =) Vides are short and easy to understand. I’m not surprised why she has 7 million subscribers! 7 million! Imagine that. =) I sometimes watch Nerdy Nummies’ videos with my kids as a down time before sleeping. I get to search for baking ideas while having fun and teaching the kids the ingredients used.

4. Dancakes

Doctor Dan just took pancake to the highest level here. haha A very detailed pancake art.

5.Cake Arts Jeddah

A wholesale & supply store for your baking needs. =)  Well, tools actually. Most of the products are from Wilton.

Piping tips

Facebook Page: Cake Arts JD

You can also read my post on what to see inside Cake Arts Jeddah

6. Bakemate Jeddah

Just beside Cake Arts is Bakemate. A supplier of baking ingredients. They also have baking tools and silicon molds for big ovens. If your business is baking, you should come here because the price of around 1.5 kg of white chocolate morsels is just 24 SR. In the grocery, a pack of 320 grams is around 22 SR. Yay!

Facebook Page: Bakemate Al Abed

Sprinkles (around 6-15 SR)
Cupcake liners
Dark chocolate (I think around 28 SR)

Here’s my post about Bakemate Jeddah

7. Poli the Police Car

I have 3 boys. By this time, I’ve been forced to look for characters that boys will love.  Not the violent ones. It’s honestly difficult to find one because most of the famous characters are princesses or if I find one for boys, it will be about aliens, monsters, or characters violently fighting each other. As a mom, I believe I should be cautious of what I allow my kids to watch and guide them as they try to comprehend the lessons in the video clips they are watching. I allow them to watch of course, but I try to make sure it’s something beneficial. Poli the Police Car is an example. I love this, because even I, as an adult have learned so many things about traffic rules and safety precautions. haha

Some episodes I love:
Look out for blind spots
School Bus Safety,
How to cross the street safely

8. Big Hero Party Theme

Found these cute Big Hero cupcakes and other Big Hero theme party ideas.

9. Mauve Lovelle

Saw my friend’s tutorial on how to do a date night look. Feb. 14 is over but date nights are not. Love how simple and glamorous this look is. =)

Mauve Lovelle Make Up tutorial: Romantic Date Night look perfect for Valentines! Sparkly eyes and mauve lips.

10. Come to Hamburg

This is great for travel bloggers. =)


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