Free Download: Book of Proverbs Reading Calendar

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Here’s a free dowload of the Bible Reading Calendar for October 2016: Book of Proverbs. (PDF file format)

Bible Reading: Book of Proverbs (42.1 KiB, 392 downloads)
BRC Proverbs
Here’s how it looks like

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What is the Book of Proverbs all about? It’s purpose, according to 

A. To enable the readers to learn and apply the fear of the Lord to their lives

B. To provide skill for living (successful living) from the two perimeters of natural order and God’s word

C. To know wisdom and instruction (1:2)

D. To receive teaching in wise dealing, righteousness, justice and equity (1:3)

E. To help the simple gain prudence and the youth gain knowledge and discretion (1:4)

F. To increase learning and to acquire skill in understanding (1:5)

G. To understand proverbs, parables, wise sayings, and riddles (1:6)

H. To learn the fear of the Lord (1:7)

You can join me this October as I share some reflections or verses about the chapter to be read that day. You can share yours if you like or leave a link of your blog post about what you’ve learned about the day’s reading. If you love taking photos or love drawing, you can use those mediums to share what you’ve learned for that day. Enjoy reading! =)

UPDATE: For those who joined (or are joining), you can go to the Words & Wonders Devotional Group to get the daily updates and interact with other readers:

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Bible Reading: Book of Proverbs
Bible Reading: Book of Proverbs
42.1 KiB

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