Foodex Saudi is Saudi Arabia’s Leading International Trade exhibition 100% dedicated to the food and drink industry. Professional Saudi buyers from the mass distribution, retail, manufacture, and hospitality industry will have the opportunity to source products from over 35 countries, and trade with exhibitors displaying a wide range of global offering of food and drink products and solutions.

Inside Foodex Saudi (Jeddah)

The event ran from November 12-15, 2017. If you want to go there next year, be sure to visit’s website for updates. You can also find upcoming events there related to franchise expo, fashion expo, and many more.

Here’s a video of the first night which I made instead of posting all the photos:

Here’s another video from CharlieTV:

Who should go to this event?

  • If you have a business, small or big, you will definitely find this event helpful. You can find suppliers from outside different places whom you can negotiate with and have transactions for present and future partnerships.
  • If you are a supplier, you can book a stand here ahead of time.
  • If you are a small scale business or just starting up, maybe this is your chance to meet big players who will be interested in your work. I suggest you book a stand for next year’s event and prepare possible ideas to attract potential partners.
  • If you are planning or conceptualizing a business, specifically food business, then this will be an inspiring place to go to in order to get some inspirations. You’ll be encouraged at how some local businesses do their best to market their products to big players.
  • Are you an aspiring chef? A culinary student? Don’t miss the culinary show next time where chefs present cooking shows for the people to enjoy.
  • A marketing student. This will be your chance to observe how salesmen deal with people and close deals. Amazing. Just amazing. =) It will be like a live demonstration of how it should be done when it comes to marketing products famous or not (yet).
  • Media. You can get a free pass if your hobby/work is related to writing, photography, vlogging, social media influencer, etc. All you need to do is register as a MEDIA and you’ll just fill out a form and choose the category you are in.

For more information  about FOODEX and other upcoming events in Jeddah, visit

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9 thoughts on “FOODEX Saudi

  1. I think we have this kind of event in the Philippines but I haven’t tried yet. Hindi yata siya free. hehehe! This event is really nice especially for those who are planning to enter food business or for those who want to improve their present business.

  2. I love attending exhibits. From there, I learn new brands and even meet new friends. A food exhibit is no exception.. if there’s one thing I hate about it lang is the crowd. I agree that this food exhibit is beneficial to students, media even, and those starting up a business.

  3. I worked in the food industry years ago so I was able to attend similar events here before. I really loved the experience because there are a lot of free food tastings. Haha!

  4. Haven’t been in any food expo! I’ve always wanted to be in a food business but saves it for the time that I get to have the right people to join us. Being in a food business is a lot of work! and we need to have 3 or more people in the team. In time… I guess.

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