How To Embed Instagram Post in WordPress Posts

How to embed your Instagram posts in your WordPress post.

1. Click the photo you want to embed. Look for the MORE options or the three dots beside the add a comment space. Instagram

  1. Click EMBED.Instagram

  2. COPY the code.


4. Go to your WordPress post. When writing a post, there’s usually two-three options VISUAL or HTML/TEXT (in my case I have another one Minimax). It depends if you are using or using self-hosted site. Anyway, choose TEXT/HTML


  1. PASTE the code. Be sure to paste the code in TEXT/ HTML mode. Putting it in VISUAL mode won’t show anything.

Instagram 6.  Go back to VISUAL and you should see this or the actual photo.


  1. PREVIEW the post just to be sure it’s really there.

That’s it. Here’s a sample of how I did it.

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