Hajj Holiday 2018 | Isteraha + Shoaibah Beach + Taif

I must say that this year’s Eid Hajj holiday was fully packed with outings. =) Though busy going out, part of it was the much needed break I wanted. We were not able to go to the Philippines last vacation so, I wanted to at least go some place different. In one week, my family, along with some friends went to different places in Jeddah and in some of the nearby cities.


First was in an Isteraha or villa for an outing with family and friends. I assume these villas for rent were old houses by locals who may be out of the country already or may have moved to a more modern home in Jeddah and kept the place for rent.

These villas are where people usually have gatherings and birthday parties nowadays. Here’s the video I made of some of the things you can do inside a villa. If you are interested to rent one, you can easily search in Google for “villas for rent in Obhur” and you’ll find images of for rent villas. I think they are even available in AirBnB.

Shoaibah Beach

Another place we went to was Shoaibah (also Shuaibah ). I’ve been there when I was in high school, but the place was not yet as developed as it is now. It is around 1-2hr drive from Jeddah. Shoaibah is famous for its power and desalination plant which is one of the world’s largest fossil fuel power plants, and also the world’s third largest integrated water and power plant.

Sea & cabin in Shoaibah

This is still part of the Red Sea. It already looks good in this photo, but in real life it is breathtaking. You will just literally stare for minutes at how beautiful it is. Wish I had a drone to capture this from above.  

I made two videos for Shoaibah, Day 1 & 2. You can play it here or on Youtube. I’ll be making a separate post about it for the details.

Taif, Saudi Arabia

The last one of the trips we did this holiday was the trip to Taif, Saudi Arabia. Taif is the unofficial summer capital of Saudi Arabia and is just 2-3 hrs away from Jeddah. We went there at the peak of summer so it’s not cold, but it is definitely better than Jeddah’s weather. We could feel a tiny blow of breeze when we walked around the hotel the night we came.

Taif, Saudi Arabia

It looks like there’s nothing there, but once you reach the top, there’s a beautiful city that awaits.

Zigzag road in Taif

Here’s the video I made for Taif (Warning: Mostly just really mountains and deserts.)

I’ll be doing a blog post about the Taif 2018 trip including a review of Sadeem hotel at Taif.

That’s it. If you’d love to see updates, just connect to the social media accounts below. If you have questions about these places, leave them in the comment box below. =)

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