Easily Identify Plants Using Picture This App

How I wish this Picture This app was available when I was in college studying taxonomy.

Picture This app helps you identify plants by just taking or uploading a photo. The app matches your photo with existing ones from its database and gives you options that seems to match your photo.

It also gives you a description and other helpful information about the plant.


I was at my friend’s place and we were looking at her plants. I suddenly remembered this app that I recently downloaded and excitedly tried it, but not really expecting too much yet because it was my first time to try it. A friend gave her the plant so she was not sure if the variety is edible.

So I opened the app:

Took a photo:

I immediately received this:

When you click on the photo or description, this is what it gives you:

It also gives information on how to use it.

That’s really cool. Very informational. I allowed my kids to use it and they love it. They wanted to go out and check all the plants outside.

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This app is very handy for people who:

  • Travel for adventure
  • Hike
  • Take care of kids outside
  • Love gardening
  • Work with plants
  • Botany or science teachers
  • Students who are taking up sciences

I downloaded the app because I have kids and the plants here in Saudi Arabia are not familiar to me.

When I was new here, I wish there was a way for me to know the name of the plants around me or if I could use it for cooking. Some people use the trees seen in the streets for medicinal use, but I did not because I was not sure what it was yet.

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Another reason why I downloaded the app is when kids play outside or when we go to different places, I want to be sure if it is safe for kids to touch the plants because as I’ve said, I’m not familiar with the plants seen here.

It will also be fun for kids to take pictures of the plants and know the names and descriptions of each.

Do you think this is a helpful app? What plant-related app do you have? Share it below so I can also check it out. 🙂

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