Doodle #4: DRIVE | Women are now allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

Doodle #4 and 5 are inspired by Saudi Arabia’s new law that allows women to drive. It feels so historical. Well, it is historical. I’m so happy for all the women here. It means so much when it comes to mobility and doing some errands. Women here know how important it is for women to be able to go out freely on their own.

Some benefits of women driving in Saudi Arabia:
  • Women can take the kids to school and fetch them as well. No need to pay extra service or wait for the husbands to finish work.
  • Go to do some errands any time of the day. Most women wait for their husbands to come home from work in order to go to malls and supermarket. It’s good for family bonding, but there are times that husbands are just to tired from work that bothering them to buy 2-3 items can really hard.
  • Women who go to work can go on their own now. No need for extra cost for service.
  • No need to bother males during ladies’ day out. I’ve had countless of times when my male relatives would have to wait or come back for me until I finish my meetings, gatherings, or errands because…they have to. I feel for them. =) I feel for all the males who have to wait for the ladies all the time. It’s nice, but really, it can be difficult for them most of the time because they also have something to do.

These are just some, but I’m pretty sure there’s more.

Congrats and hats off again to all the people who fought for this change to finally happen. =)

Doodle With Gil #5: DRIVE 2

Doodle #5 is inspired by @hala_alharithy’s illustration.

Where do you go to get your driving license and what do the tests involve?  

Those wishing to get a driver’s license must take six steps and comply with certain terms and conditions:

Step 1: Register through the “Abshar” portal, fill out the application form and pay the fees incurred in issuing the license, as well as pass the driving test.

Step 2: Pass the driving test on

Step 3: Schedule an appointment for the training program after paying the program fee from the previous website.

Step 4: Attend and take the theoretical training. The theoretical training consists of workshops and lectures of eight hours, the driving simulator for half an hour.

Step 5: Prepare for a practical training period consisting of 12 hours of training in the field, 11 hours in the city and highways and one hour for training and preparation to test for the license.

Step 6: Pass the test under the supervision of traffic police.

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