Don’t Remove the Fun in Playing (and learning)

I found my kids building a robot out of toys and boxes this afternoon. My eldest kept on calling out his brother’s attention whenever a piece was not placed in a way that did not go according to the plan (his taste). My second was doing something different in the design. He knew they were making a robot. That was their plan, but they gave different styles of doing it. He kept on doing his style.

My eldest kept on irritatingly calling his brother’s name while pointing out his mistake. I then intervened.

“Jacob, do not remove the fun in what you are doing. Let Miguel do his style. Do yours. Just enjoy. He is enjoying every it. You are building the robot, but you are getting angry. It’s not fun for you anymore. You are not happy because you keep on looking at your brother’s work and how it does not go with the way your picture of robot. He has a different design in mind, but it’s a robot. ”
He then allowed his brother’s design to integrate with his. They finished the robot. To my relief.

There are so many lessons to learn from that situation, but for now, it is to not remove joy or fun in what you are doing by criticizing how wrong other people are. We may have different ways of serving, working, or doing things, but there should be love in everything that what we do. It will help us understand the weaknesses of others.

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