Don’t Let What We Feel, Dictate How We Will Act

I just randomly played some sermons on YouTube  and this one by Joyce Meyer got some great reminders for me/us. Many times we feel so many things about our situation or people around us that we feel angry or we get angry. This video can help anyone who has anger management problems, or even those without. =)

Some great lines from the video:

  • ANGER is only one letter away from DANGER.
  • We need to deny them (feelings) the right to control us.
  • Stop giving into your feelings…then they will lose their powers (on you).
  • You do have a free will, and you can make a CHOICE.
  • We have to get rid of the “I can’t help it” or  “It’s too hard.”
  • Have every thought captive before it becomes a stronghold in our lives.
  • Anger when not controlled, will soon be a poison to your soul.
  • There’s a way to be angry,  and yet not sin.
  • Don’t let ANGER control you. Say “God help me.”
  • Stop trying to protect yourself all the time.
  • Jesus had power over the storm, because he did not let the storm get over him.
  • A lot of angry people are depressed.
  • To overcome anger, you have to overcome evil, with good.
  • To overcome anger: When someone does you something bad, turn to another and do something good.
  • Have a controlled anger. You calmly confront the situation.
  • People who are angry inside, don’t usually behave well.
  • If someone mistreats you- pray, bless, do good, to overcome anger.

Let me share to you a story related to this message. I was with my friends one time at a coffee shop. The cashier/waiter was getting our order and I somehow mixed my words and gave a stupid order which was “hot iced coffee—-” (It’s iced…of course, it’s not hot). I was talking to my friend about her order so I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what I’ve just said. The waiter indirectly insulted and made fun of it, and even told his colleague who was embarrassed at what the waiter did.

Though a little insulted and hurt at first, I didn’t let my feelings dictate what I did next. I didn’t mind that he kept making fun of what I’ve said. I wasn’t angry at the person. I didn’t fight back, because I didn’t feel the need to, though I thought of doing so.  My friend on the other hand was more affected. She wanted to answer the man and punish him for what he did. I calmed her and motioned that there’s no need do it. So, I kept smiling as I waited for the DELAYED order.  The DELAYED order became even more delayed as  I saw other customers got their orders first. Was it intentional? It wasn’t. They just had a technical problem, the waiter made some mistakes, and in the end, then he expressed countless apologies for the delayed order. He felt embarrassed for what happened. I just said that it was fine.  The same waiter who made fun of my mistake was now apologizing for his mistake/technical problem.

“Stop trying to protect yourself all the time. –Joyce Meyer




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8 thoughts on “Don’t Let What We Feel, Dictate How We Will Act

  1. I’m working really hard on this today. I’m in a foul mood & im exhausted – physically & emotionally. But that doesn’t mean have the right to take that out on those around me.

  2. When I was younger, I was really bad at anger management. I reacted impulsively, I became too defensive, I burned too many bridges. But I learned my lessons along the way. I think with the power of prayer and the maturity that comes with (old) age (haha), I have learned to let go of the trivial things. Iniisip ko na lang, “Nakakapanget ang lageng galet!” :p

  3. I had to smile at Jerellt’s comment above hehe. This hit close to home because I’m a perfectionist by nature who holds high standards. I get frustrated when they are not met. Just this year, I learned to lose those standards and just focus on what glorifies God.

  4. I’m actually quite patient with others. I like to be courteous and respectful because that’s how I want to be treated. If anyone was bastos for no reason, or I feel like something is not in order talaga, that’s when I speak out. Calmly, yes. And by thinking about what might happen if I say certain things first.

  5. this one of my biggest worries because i tend to be very emotional at times. Indeed, we ought to try harder to not let our emotions get in the way. My go-to practice is to take deep breaths to help the anger abate.

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