Deeratna KSA: Sand Dunes Adventure

Whenever we travel to Yanbu or Taif, I’d always see sand hills and mountains left and right and I’d often wonder what it would be like to be there. To be in the middle of the desert.

I remember having trips there before but maybe I was too young to appreciate it that time.

Before riding the big bikes, a staff would give you a scarf to cover your head. They will properly wrap it for you if you are not sure how to do it. You will be given eye mask for protection.

This is very important because in the middle of the ride there would be small rocks flying and it could hit your eye hard. A rock flew straight to my mask. I knew with that kind of hit, I would have been injured without the mask.

This photo above is the desert track. 🤗

I think the ride took almost 20 minutes. At first, the ride will mostly be flat areas. By the middle of the adventure, you will be taken in the middle of the desert where the hills of sands are. That is where the thrill happens. It’s like drag racing, but in the sand. 😁

My attention was divided because a part of me was stunned by the beautiful sand and hills while half is on the dangerous ride I just dared to take. 😂

It was a fun ride.

I wish there was an option to stop in the middle and take photos of us in the desert. It would have been cool. 😁

If you are interested in taking this adventure, you can visit and contact Deeratna Jeddah. 😃

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