Dear Seeker,

In the day of trouble

I call upon you

For you answer me.

Dear Seeker,

What is it that you really want? Do you really desire for an answer or satisfaction? Is there a need to be met in you for you to finally settle your case?

Deep down your every question lies more unending questions ready to be asked.

Every answer given to you demands another answer or provokes another question. 

What is it that you really want? Justice? Solution? Action? Peace? Will you even be happy when you receive these things?

Be still. For beneath your every inquiry is a seeker who is longing for truth, longing for meaning, longing for a place to fill that empty space in your life. 

Forgive yourself. Be released from guilt. For no matter how many correct answers are given to you, they will always seem pointless to a heavy heart. 

Take a step. An open door to freedom is useless if you won’t walk towards it.
Look around. The answers have been laid out all along. All you need is to open your eyes, accept things, and believe with your heart.


Your Tired HeartπŸ˜‚

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6 thoughts on “Dear Seeker,

  1. My. I could hear my tired heart saying those words as well. I have been truly battered for weeks or perhaps months and I just live life the same way everyday. I used to make a few reflections before but then ive noticed I just go by the flow. Time to make a few reflections and listen to my heart. Thank you.

  2. I agree with look around. Sometimes we keep on waiting and we feel that our prayers are not answered. But if we just look around and learn to listen, we realize that God already answered our prayers.

    1. I agree. Most of the times we don’t see (don’t want to see) the answers because we look for better ones not knowing that God has given the best one. 😁

  3. Your post somehow reminds me of my son! Everyday, I battle with tons of Q&As with him. There are times that I would get tired of answering, and even though I remind myself that I have to answer him always as this will help him develop, I would find myself questioning him back instead and listening to what he has to say. Now, I pity my heart, it can’t question me back. It must be really, really tired! lol.

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