Cupcakes of 2015

Check out the cupcakes I’ve made this 2015 (includes 2014, I think). Looking back, it looks pretty satisfying that I’ve actually decorated those cupcakes. =) There are memories behind those cupcakes.

Jesus, the Anchor of My Soul.  Made this for a Youth concert with the said theme.

I love this cupcake. It was, I think my first time to finally dare to put a chocolate piece on a cupcake, hoping it will stay.

This cupcake was made for a frozen-themed cake. =) Learned though, that it was pretty difficult to work with these designed paper liners because the baking process can make the design look dirty after. I think it’s better to put them after (if you want to welcome the extra time needed).

The cupcake for the golden girl. A former student asked me to make a cupcake with a “golden” theme for her mom’s 60th birthday. I had a very glamorous cupcake in mind, but I ended up wih this simple but pretty safe cupcake. That’s what I thought. During the delivery, the frost a little bit melted due to Jeddah’s heat that time, plus, the Kitkat bar here added weight to the forsting while the vehicle was moving. Well,some did not survive. This one did. Hooray!


The Oreo mini cupcakes for Jacob’s birthday. =)


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