Chopsticks, Jeddah

November 26, 2014
-Updated: June 2015

Chopsticks is considered one of the favorite (Chinese) restaurants around.  I like everything about it so far. From their simple and affordable food to their cozy and classy ambience. If you ask people in  Jeddah for a nice place to dine, they will always include Chopsticks. I give it a 4 out 5 rating.
Al-Hamra/Palestine branch
Food. The main dishes are really tasty. Jing Do beef is what I always order. Its thin and crispy cuts of meat go well with its chili sauce. This dish along with rice, makes a great meal already. There are varieties of fried rice being offered in Chopsticks. I usually have  egg or shrimp fried rice, then combine it with beef fried rice which is a bit spicy. However, I’m not that happy with their shrimp dumplings (siomai), but maybe that’s just for me. I find it a little bland. One order includes 4 small pieces of dumplings. For the soup, they have a satisfying wonton soup. It’s just  a simple soup armed with the aroma of sesame oil. =) The best food here that we’ve tasted so far is the Jing Do crispy beef. The usual Chinese foods are there too like beef broccoli, Szechuan chicken, and chicken in Satay sauce, which are all delicious.
Pricing. I think any foodie will find Chopsticks an affordable place to dine from time to time. The main dishes like Jing Do beef and most of the other beef dishes cost 45 SR.  The Chicken meals like Szechuan Chicken costs 39 SR. Each dish is good for 2-3 persons. Friend wontons cost 18 SR for 6 pieces. Most of their rice dishes cost 19 SR. The bowl looks small, but you’ll be surprised, it can serve 2 people. So don’t be worried if you’ll run out of rice. You may ask additional later if you see that it isn’t enough. CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE: CHOPSTICKS to see the prices. =)
Service. I find their service fast which I really like. The waiters are knowledgeable about their menu (they should be). They give possible options, especially for first-timers. So feel free to ask them.  Their website offers great service. Not all restaurant sites have prices and menu so this is an advantage. You can decide what you will order before going there. Visit their site: CHOPSTICKS
Ambience. The place is very neat and the aesthetics, great. They serve different colors of sodas (lower left photo), sometimes blue, orange, green and this time yellow, which the waiter said was with kiwi juice. Everything on the table takes my attention. The cute pitchers for their condiments, ornaments, etc.. Even the Chinese proverbs written on the paper mats are interesting.
Small pitchers, Asian flower bowls, soda, orange juice
My husband enjoying our date =)
Black mushroom with bamboo shoots (top right) Jing Do crispy beef (bottom right)

Another eye-catching thing you can find there is the receipt holder. I find it really unique that they use bamboo as a receipt holder. How cool is that? By the way, they also deliver so if you’re in the office or at home and thought of diving into some Chinese foods then feel free to call them. I haven’t tried their delivery service, though.

Receipt holder made of bamboo
There are now four Chopsticks branches in Jeddah. One in La Terra Mall (Prince Sultan Road), Mall of Arabia, Palestine, and Salam Mall.
*I’ve been to the Palestine branch and La Terra Mall branch. I find the La Terra mall branch better in ambience due to its open and high ceiling.
For delivery, Al Hamra: (02) 2612345
For delivery, LaTerra: (02) 6907575

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