Cake Decoration Center, Jeddah

Aside from Cake Arts, Jeddah and Bakemate, Cake Decoration Center (CDC) is another go-to place for baking tools and ingredients.

What I like about these shops is that they always have something new. It has been quite some months since I last bought something from CDC and I’m surprised at all the new products they have. 🙂 If Wilton has it all purple, CDC has it all white. =) They now have their own product line. Well, they’ve had it before but just on few tools. Now, the whole store contains white CDC tools that are just so pristine to look at. Would love to collect some of those CDC baking tools in the future. =)

Decorating tools
disposable piping bags
decorating tools
GOBEL series
All whites! =)

Watch this video to see what’s inside Cake Decoration Center, Jeddah

You can visit Cake Decoration Center’s Instagram account: @cdc_social

CDC location:

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