Bruised by a nurse

This is what I got a day after a nurse took a blood sample from me.
I’ve been warned by my colleagues before regarding this. They told me to look for a Filipina nurse every time I go for lab tests. My colleagues used to tell me that they really ask for a kabayan nurse to take their blood samples or they’ll just leave. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any. I was also not that brave to ask the nurse if there was any for I might offend her.
My colleagues, who are medical instructors told me that a lot of nurses here, especially those of other nationalities, inject or take blood samples incorrectly. They told me I should never bruise after the process. By the way, the bruise stays for weeks!
I’ve proved that to be correct, because I didn’t not experience this when a Filipina took my blood sample 5 months ago.
This is really sad and scary. My case was just mild because I had a friend whose bruise almost covered half of her arm. The citizens here are getting used to this not knowing that it shouldn’t be that way.
Who’s to blame? I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore. Let’s just say that fortunately, the government is now trying it’s best to improve the system of Nursing/Health Care education here.

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