Blogging 2019 |WordPress Mobile Posting + Troubleshooting Posting Errors

I’m making blog posts again using WordPress app for mobile.

I find it as the easiest way to keep blogging for now. I can’t sit in front of the monitor when my youngest child is awake. I mean what is it with kids and moms sitting down? It’s like they have this radar that tells them when moms are sitting down or drinking coffee. The moment moms do things for themselves, kids just start asking for things. So yeah, it almost takes me a month to finish a post on my computer for the past months/years.

Errors and Updates

Last year, I couldn’t post using the WordPress mobile app. There would always be an error when uploading photos and other bugs that were being fixed that time so I just stopped using it for awhile.

Uploading tweaks

Now, uploading via WP mobile app is around 90% smooth okay, 80 %. 🤫

Maximum photo upload is 2MB. This is frustrating for smartphone users who bought phones for the sake of having good cameras. 😂😭 For iphone users, you can easily upload photos taken using the SQUARE mode (portrait and photo options will be too large to be uploaded).

Screenshot. Try making a screenshot of the photo you want to upload in case you took your photo using a different mode. Then crop if needed. Uploading the screenshot is way faster. 😁

It says error in publishing, but it was actually published. Okay, most of my posts were duplicated because a message appeared that it was not published and so I tried publishing it again. When I refreshed my blog and Twitter (for automatic shares), I saw two posts. I just deleted the other one. So, before hitting publish again, check if the post got published.


I still love reading and leaving comments on blog posts using the WP app. The Reader tab is user-friendly. You can follow the blogs that you like and it will appear on your Reader feed.


Please comment if you don’t see photos or there’s something wrong with the layout. =) Thank you.

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