Baking My Patience

I was planning to bake bread/sugar cookies with my kids, but I was craving for butter cookies as well. So I ended up with what looked and tasted like buttered shortbread. It was good. Good enough to give to other people. I want you to look at the pictures. =)

Bread (more like shortbread)
Hello, Batman! =)
Smileys…a little more and they’ll be creepy. =)
heart heart
The making of Batman

This is what’s really happening when I am baking with my kids. 😍😍 Baking with my kids = baking my patience. This picture above is the aftermath of this afternoon’s kneading. πŸ˜‚ When I started involving my kids in my baking, it did not start as happy as I thought it would. I was imagining a kitchen scene where we would be all so happy just like what you see in videos and cooking shows where kids bake with parents, but No-no-no. After my first try, I never wanted to give them a chance in the kitchen again. haha

With much practice…they are getting the hang of it.

Long story short, it was as if God was telling me to be more patient with them just like how He has been patient with me. Well, if you put it that way, I have no way out. haha. Well, He’s right. As a parent, if I won’t be patient with my kids, WHO ELSE WILL? Who else will take time to be patient with them? If I don’t show them how I could help them learn patiently, they will also easily give up and ignore people who are asking help from them.

So, here’s to hoping that they can pass the same patience when others ask them for help. I can only look at how God has managed to give me chances until I have finally done things right. Whenever the kids make mistakes in mixing, kneading, molding, shaping the bread, etc. πŸ™‚

  • I don’t (always) get angry anymore. (At least, I try my best not to)
  • Show them how it’s done.
  • Instruct them on how to do it step by step.
  • I let them do it.
  • Correct some mistakes.
  • Let them do it again their way.
  • If they can’t perfect it, it’s okay, there’s another time to do it or make it right.

Nakakahiya naman kay God, kung magalit ako sa kanila. Baking lang ‘to, sa totoong buhay ko nga dami kong nagawang mali, napagbiyan pa ako na gawin ang tama. haha (It can be a bit embarrassing to God if I’ll get angry at my kids. This is just ‘baking’. In real life, I’ve done too many mistakes, yet he has given me a chance to make things right).


I believe that kids learn effectively when learning is incorporated in their activities. Baking helps them learn the ingredients, measurements, steps, tools, and many more. Kids make mess all the time, I think this one is a productive one. They enjoy it, I need the extra hands as I give the instructions, and they share stories while kneading.


At first, I did not enjoy when the kids were helping me bake, but my patience has truly been stretched or ‘baked’ the whole time. πŸ™‚ Now, I would always wait for them, even if it means baking my patience again and again.

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