Art Attack Week

This week has been all about cutting, pasting, writing, painting and discovering art. Jacob is starting to practice the use of scissors along with glue and all the other art materials on his own.

I had to stay with him until he was able to get a good hold on his scissors and I had to instruct him on the do’s and don’t’s of cutting. So, to help him practice his cutting skills, I drew straight lines for him to cut. Second, was zigzag, and finally, the curves. Just like the patters used for kids when they are just starting to write.


I got some jewels from souq (market).
Practiced writing the letters.
He thought of using the scraps as bridges. I named this the flying house, but he said they were just bridges not wings.

This is a fish (gold fish). He saw a woman making gold fish out of paper and other shiny materials so he really requested for this one. I wasn’t prepared so I just took some post-its. 

Obviously, a butterfly. =)
…and they were all yellow…


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