An Audition To Remember

Thanking and Praising the LordWhen it comes to giving thanks, I will always remember that moment when we held an audition for new dancers. Out of all the participants who auditioned and were interviewed, only one among all the boys (one of the youngest who auditioned) and one among the girls, said “thank you” upon leaving the room. Well, it turned out those two were brothers and sisters.

That day, and that boy, taught me to value the power of “thank you” even more. The boy’s thankfulness made a difference in the room, it was as if everyone’s spirit was lifted up when he said those two words. They were words so pleasant to hear, too. The boy’s expression of gratefulness made everyone in that room smile.

Being thankful shows how we give importance and gratitude to the person we are giving our thanks to. That’s one reason why God wants us to enter his gates, his presence with thanksgiving. To come to him with a thankful heart. For without a thankful and grateful heart, it would be difficult for us to receive his words of encouragements, corrections, and even his promises. A thankful heart will accept correction and discipline, knowing that the other person or God in this case, wants the best for him.

So, to every reader of this blog, thank you! =)

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