Amwaj Terrace (Movenpick), Jeddah

Reposting: June 22, 2015
Amwaj Terrace restaurant is located just beside or literally below Al-Nawras Movenpick (my last post ). 
Just below that snail building is the Amwaj Terrace

I just love the ambience of this place. It’s so relaxing. The Arabian seats are really comfortable and they make me want to stay longer, relax and appreciate the waves of the beautiful Red Sea. This spot here is not an open area. There’s actually a clear glass window there, and I like it better because I can eat properly without the wind blowing my hair so hard. Open areas can also make the food cold. So I guess, that’s also one reason why they made this a closed one.

We ordered seafood platter, grilled chicken, hummus, neon margarita and pizza margarita. Love them! They also gave khubz (bread) and garlic sauce. The food they offer is more of Arabic dishes, but there are some international cuisines available.

seafood platter, grilled chicken

We stayed there from around 4-7pm. The whole place almost changed because of the lighting. The more that I wanted to stay! =)

5 months pregnant with Jacob. =)
Amwaj Terrace location map
Amwaj Terrace location map

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