Amusement parks in the desert

It's not surprising to see colorful amusement parks here in Jeddah. Al Shalal and Athala Happy Land are just examples of the top amusement parks where students go during field trips. Families bring their kids every weekend to these places so their children can go out and have fun at least once a week. Remember, it's not common here to see kids walking and playing outside with their friends. Maybe it's because of their culture or plainly because of the hot temperature outside.

That's why I'm very surprised to see rows of amusement parks lined near the desert (more like in the middle of the desert) just after Obhur & Jeddah. I keep on wondering who goes there. It's far! Surprisingly, however, these parks are well lit in the evening and sounds from children & families can be heard. Hmmm.. So some people do go there! I've been to the restaurant beside one of these parks and I guess, those people who go to these parks & restaurants outside the city have the same reason which is to go out of the city for once to have fun and experience that evening of peaceful environment in the middle of the desert.

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