Al Fairouz Turkish Restaurant, Jeddah

Al Fairouz is a Turkish cuisine restaurant that offers kebabs, shawarmas, grilled meats, lamb chops & other middle-eastern cuisine.

I’ve been to this place twice, first with family friends maybe more than a decade ago. Second, yesterday, when my brother suggested the place.

Food. I love almost anything grilled. Their grilled meat is tasty and tender. Flavors are great. Maybe that’s why for some, this place is one of the best Turkish restaurants around. I love their garlic sauce, I find it just right. Not too tangy nor bland. Most of the meals are served with a good amount of rice except for the shawarma plate which comes with bread and fries. I’ve heard from other reviews that they have great soup as well, we haven’t tried them though.

Price. Price for the main meals average from 25-40 riyals. Appetizers and desserts are less than 10 riyals.

Place. The family section of the Siteen branch has around 10-11 tables available with dividers. Each table can accommodate 5-6  people. Highchairs are provided for toddlers. However, the place is not that big. If you are looking for a place that’s not crowded, you may try in other branches of Al Fairouz. There a section for singles and families in the Siteen branch.

Parking. Parking spaces available are the ones in front of the restaurant only. If you want, you may cross the street on the left side and park near Al-Maktaba.

chiken shawarma plate

shawarma plate, lamb chops, mixed grill of 3



LOCATION: Siteen street, beside the Al-Maktaba building. See on Google map

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.15.31 AM
Al Fairouz map-Siteen branch

Other reviews about Al-Fairouz (Hera Branch) from

Al Fairouz Facebook page (Yeah, they have one-to my surprise! =) )

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  1. i so love the Guvec in this resto! that sizzling lamb meat with cheese together with the freshly baked flat bread… oh so Turkish!

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