10 Productive Things To Do While Breastfeeding


If you’re a breastfeeding mom, I believe you’ve had those days when breastfeeding wasn’t that much fun at all. Especially, if you have mountains of chores and tasks waiting to be done. There are depressing days when you feel like you are ‘wasting’ your time breastfeeding instead of accomplishing some important tasks. Don’t get me wrong. Some die-hard breastfeeding moms might say it’s their quality time with their babies. Yes, I get you. That’s true. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When they’re asleep and still slurping the break out of you (and keep you from standing up). Well, it can really be irritating. Fortunately, there are things you can do (and should master, if you’re planning to breastfeed longer) while breastfeeding. =)

Note: Spend the first part of feeding caressing, talking or singing to your baby. You may do the ideas below when you feel like your baby is almost asleep(but will continue latching).

1. Get Updated.
If you have your phone/tablet with you, then check your mail, read your wall for news feed, go to your favorite news site or any favorite website. Doing this can save time. You won’t have to spend extra minutes just to check your mail or read the news later on.

2. Eat.
Start nibbling your fruit, biscuit, or eat your rice if you can.

3. Read.
If you love reading, this is your chance to hold that book you’ve longed to finish. Reading an e-book is easier because you can just use your finger to turn the page, but a tangible book is also manageable. If you are into magazines, go ahead, browse, browse, browse. If you have daily devotions, you can also use this time to read the Bible, either on the phone or the book itself. Since breastfeeding is very relaxing, your mind is somehow peaceful, especially if you’re feeding your baby around 3 or 4am! =)

4. Chat.
This is also the perfect time to catch up with your friends. I try to avoid video and phone calls as they can awaken an almost asleep baby.

5. Listen.
Music lovers often use this time to listen to their favorite songs or just listen to audio books, audio preachings, podcasts or watch a movie (using earphones).

6. Plan.
Breastfeeding is one ideal time to think. Your mind is eased up and somehow clear. Planning at this time gives way to more ideas. It opens doors for creativity.

7.Loom (or any other crafts). 
If you are into looming, and is an expert one, you may try looming while breastfeeding. Just be sure to do this when the baby is already asleep yet still latching. If you’re into laces, or DMC’s used for bracelets, them that’s better because you won’t have small accessories near you.

8. Talk to your husband.
If your husband is doing something in the same room, take the opportunity to catch up and share stories.

9. Instruct.
If you have a toddler to take care of aside from a hungry baby, instructing a toddler what to do lessens the scene of toddler tantrums and crying. Since, what your older kid wants is your presence, be there as he play and instruct him what to do while playing or interact with him while nursing the younger one.

If you are a working mom, a blogger, or just really love writing, then get that pen or phone and start typing or writing your thoughts. Finalize everything on the laptop later on. Saves much time.

FYI: Most of the posts here were drafted or published while breastfeeding. To save time. =P

How about you!?! What do you do to stay productive while nursing your baby? Sharing is caring. Others might learn from you. =) 

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