2019: Accomplish

Goodbye, December 2018!

Last month was too full for me to make a blog post. December started with my whole family coming in and out of the hospital because the 3 kids got sick. It went on for 2 weeks. It was the toughest week of my life as a mother. 😂 By the time it was over, all I wanted was to sleep. For one full week. Never happened! 😂

Then the holidays came. Kids were on a school break, holidays came, I thought I could post some photos of the holidays, but I was too busy thinking, dreaming, cleaning, organizing, enjoying life…-so yeah, the posts? Never happened! 😂

Now, 2019. Yey!

For the past years, I have always picked a word that would describe my goal for that year. A word that would remind me of the things I should focus on or the things I want to improve. The previous years, I used: deeper, focus, grow, etc. This year I decided it to be ACCOMPLISH.

Yep. I want to accomplish, continue or complete as many things as possible this year (with balance)

Some of the things I’m targeting to accomplish this year:

Udemy courses: Writing

I enrolled in Shani Raja’s Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer  years ago (using the money I earned from blogging). It was awesome. I’m so happy because the style he has for writing is the same as how I would write. So, while he was teaching I couldn’t stop saying “I knew it! I knew it was possible to write that way!” or “OMG, that’s how I do it too!”

His writing technique is not the formal one, though he edits and writes for major newspapers. His aim is to write with elegance, creativity, and wittiness, yet clear, functioning words with punctuation marks to add emotion and drama in sentences- and that’s my style too!!

As an old student of his, I received new courses for free!! I’ve got a total of 3 free courses from him since the time I enrolled and I just enjoy every second of it.

There are videos that you can just listen to and do another task, but his videos are the ones where you will want to put everything down so you can take down notes because they are just awesome. Here are the reviews for his courses:

If you are interested in Udemy writing courses: you can use this link to get discount:

Join Udemy's 30 million, courses now as low as $9.99!

Music lessons

Last year, I started studying the basics of piano again (for the nth time). I love writing songs and all I have are lyrics. Sometimes, I have the tune but I don’t have the skills to make a complete song. I just really want to learn the basic of piano or guitar again just to get started with songwriting. For some, they feel it is not necessary especially when you are just the one putting words in songs, but the words just flow better for me once I start getting the tune. I think it will help a lot. Also reviewing these CDs. Almost a decade old CDs. Thank God they are still working. =)

Fortunately, my friend opened a guitar lesson so I joined along with my sons and other adults in the group. My primary reason was for the songwriting and another reason is so that I could follow up my sons at home. It’s very helpful having knowledge of it so I can guide the kids at home when they are practicing. If you are interested in taking online music classes, you can go to: www.coursera.org where you can take classes for free. If you want to receive a certificate after the course, you just need to pay a fee to get receive it.

Shop: Marty & Miggy

I want to keep on making products for my Marty & Miggy shop. I started making Jeddah souvenir mugs aside from the button pins & shirts I used to make. I want to make souvenirs about Jeddah because it can be difficult to find one. Only a few stores sell them and the options are just really few. You can check the photos below. I’m so happy about these mugs and other items about to come. These items are where my artworks will go. All the creative stuff from drawings to paintings will go printed on these items. It’s very satisfying to see. =)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/martymiggy/

Instagram: @martymiggy 


I’m still writing my book/s. I got my inspiration to finally start it when I read the book Publish Your Book in 30 days. I, however, did not want to publish it in just 30 days. I just got the idea of how to do it, but I felt more research and interviews could make the books I’m writing way better.

So I’m taking my time. I don’t want to pressure myself to finish it especially because I still take care of kids during the day. I don’t want to spend sleepless nights writing a book and having no energy for the kids in the morning. That may work for others, but not for me. Going zombie mode in the morning may not bring out the best of me. My kids might see me as Godzilla or as a monster with all the yelling that could happen if I am not fit to face them in the morning.

Plus, I’ve learned to always choose to REST as much as I could because taking care of the family and the house can take up one’s energy.

I also want to keep reading.

Book I want to finish: Why Suffering? By Ravi Zacharias & Vince Vitale

Book I want to read: 1984 by George Orwell (It was suggested in one of the book groups I have joined in and I’m honestly curious just because it is my birth year. 😂)

That’s all. There’s more to accomplish, but these are the ones that I want to put here for now. I might be posting along the months to come about my progress.

Saudi Arabia souvenir mug

Maybe there are things in your life that you have left hanging or maybe you have postponed them for a while for some reasons. Maybe you can start revisiting them and check which ones you may want to continue this year. Little by little, step by step. You don’t have to finish it in one day or in one month. You take little steps of hope, knowing that you’ll soon accomplish them one day.

A slack hand causes poverty,
but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

Proverbs 10:4

I also don’t have much time in my hands right now. Some people think that I have all the time in the world because I am a just a housewife. 😅 I don’t want to defend myself about that. I will however, give a TIP on how to have time. 😅

REMOVE ALL THE OTHER ACTIVITIES that are less important (and unproductive) and then REPLACE IT WITH WHAT YOU WANT TO PRIORITIZE or what you want to improve in as of the moment.


For example, I rarely watch TV nowadays. 😁 I rarely or never PLAY GAMES on my cellphone either. You can check how many hours you spend on some of your activities. Calculate the number of hours you spend on those activities in one month. Can you cut a little of your time there to devote time on the things you want to improve in?😀

To end this, whenever I keep on thinking of many excuses why I can’t do something, I just remember the quote:

Losers will find many excuses on how not to do things while winners will find many ways on how to do things.”


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12 thoughts on “2019: Accomplish

  1. We have so much books here at home but I have not touch any of them yet due to my busy schedule. I agree, doing more productive things are important. Andami mo ma-accomplish ha. 🙂

  2. I love that you continue to better yourself. Your spirit to learn new things is really admirable. My list of “i want to” just keeps on getting longer, you’ve inspired me to tick off boxes from my list.

  3. Oh I envy your productivity! I need to detox from social media but so hard when I have to be on it at least 8 hours a day because of work. But i’ve started packing up my laptop after I log off from work and have spent more time reading. I do want to continue my nutrition course via coursera and start taking online blogging/writing classes. You inspire me!

  4. Love the Shani Raja’s Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer . Sana there will be another one. I earned pretty well last year from my blogging and you help me realize that it wouldnt hurt to get a portion of it for self-improvement.

  5. I enrolled in a few classes in Udemy but I never get to finish them haha. Thanks for reminding me that I should invest in myself. Ang dami lang talagang ganap when you’re a mom. Your kids’ life is also yours so parang wala ka na talagang time.

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